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Magistrate Zhu came to Zidong Food to inspect and guide enterprises to resume work and production and epidemic prevention and control!

Time: 2020-02-19


On the morning of February 18th, Zhu Xingbo, Magistrate of Guanyun County, and Chen Xinhong, Deputy Magistrate of Guanyun County, came to Yangji Town to inspect and guide the resumption of work and production and the prevention and control of the epidemic. Town Party Secretary Li Yong, mayor Zuo Pingxia and relevant responsible comrades attended the event.

This trip came to our Zidong Foods to learn more about the implementation of various preparatory measures before the company resumes work. The county magistrate Zhu Xingbo requested that enterprises must strictly implement the requirements of “eight all in place” and “eight in place”, strictly formulate an enterprise resumption plan that meets the standards, take a solid implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, prepare adequate protective materials in advance, and strengthen the control of incoming and outgoing personnel. Promote the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner.

Our company earnestly implements the spirit of the leadership's instructions, and will not let go of the epidemic prevention and control work, at the same time, we must accurately and orderly organize the resumption of work and production of enterprises, and ensure that both hands are not mistaken, and we will steadily promote safe production. Implement the prevention and control work to be detailed, practical, strict, and in place, resolutely prevent perfunctory coping, leakage management and out of control, resolutely hold the position of epidemic prevention and control, and strive to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

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